My favorite books on software development

13 November 2009

I like favorite book lists, as it helps me to discover interesting stuff to read. Therefore I'd like to publish my own list:

  • The Pragmatic Programmer (Andrew Hunt & David Thomas) gives a very good list of guidelines that apply to software development in general.
  • Code Complete (Steve McConnell) provides a very good list of tips on how to write program code, without focussing on a specific programming language.
  • Getting Things Done (David Allen) teaches you how to deal with the thousands of small tasks you need to accomplish in your day-to-day job as a software developer. Although it is not specifically geared towards developers, it is definitely an invaluable aid, as software development typically involves a very lare number of small tasks that need to be done in a prioritized fashion. For example: which new features to implement, which bugs to fix, which parts of the code to refactor, which parts of the code to rest or retest, etc...


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